Waikumete Cemetery


Auckland, NZ




Plot : N/A
Interment Type: Cremation
Age : 80
Occupation: RTD ENGINEER
Date Of Death : 03-Jan-1985
Funeral Director : RODNEY FUNERAL HOME
Head Stone Details : N/A    Ashes status: Returned to Family

Age: 71 Years
Date of death: 12 October 1982
Date of Cremation: 15 October 1982
Funeral director: UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Ashes status: Returned to Family 2 Nov 1982


Plot : ANGLICAN DIVISION L Row 6, Plot 92 (unable to find plot (as of 2011)
Interment Type: Burial
Title: Baby
Age : N/A
Gender : Male
Occupation: INFANT
Date Of Death : 16-Feb-1944
Funeral Director : JOHN CAMERON
No Head Stone : John was the 1st. son of George and Mary

Jack 4 

Plot :N/A
Interment Type:Cremation
Age : 83
Date Of Death : 13-Apr-2004
Date Of Cremation : 16-Apr-2004
Date Of Burial : 08-Aug-2007


Interment Type: Cremation
Age : 89
Occupation: RETIRED
Date Of Death : 05-Feb-2000

Between 1876 and 1881 a total of 228 acres of vacant land close to the Whau River was reserved by the Crown as a site for a public cemetery. In 1886 this piece of land became the public cemetery known as "Waikomiti". The new cemetery was the result of a pressing need to replace the Symonds Street Cemetery, and was officially opened in 1886.
Waikumete Cemetery and Crematorium now covers an area of 107.7222 hectares and since 1908 has served as the main cemetery for the Auckland Region. It is the largest cemetery in New Zealand and one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.
Waikumete has considerable cultural heritage significance. The Cemetery contains the graves of many people who played a significant role, either locally or nationally. The surviving headstones, with their range of styles and inscriptions, are an invaluable source of genealogical and social history.
In addition, the Cemetery provides for a wide range of denominational and cultural groups. It is one of only two cemeteries in the northern half of the North Island where space is currently allocated for Muslim burials. It contains a significant number of mausoleums. In recognition of the need to provide for traditional Maori burials, an Urupa was established in 1996.

Vandals damage Waikumete Cemetery


An estimated $300,000 worth of vandalism was carried out at Waikumete Cemetery on Saturday night, destroying historic gravestones and damaging roads, plaques and signage.

Cemetery neighbours were alerted to the incident late on Saturday evening when large numbers of young people entered the site and began smashing up graves in the south-eastern section of the cemetery, near the newly refurbished Chapel of Faith in the Oaks.

Waikumete Cemetery manager Daniel Sales says that 87 headstones have been smashed, damaged or pushed over and estimates that in excess of $300,000 worth of damage has been done.

"Iron railings used to adorn old graves were used to smash these invaluable headstones - some of which are very intricate and likely to be beyond repair.