The Indian Empire

Extract form the "The Southern Cross" newspaper dated, Tuesday21st. October 1862.

 The arrival of the "Indian Empire." (Monday the 20th). Captain A. Black of London, with 257 passengers and general cargo was brought to anchor off the North Head.

Four children died on the voyage and one sailor - three births occurred (abridged). (Brown / Campbell & Co. agents).

Thursday, 23rd October 1862:The "Indian Empire" anchored off Orakei Bay (Auckland).

Friday, 24th: The "Indian Empire" took her berth off Queens Wharf.

Passengers -

Bassett: -   photographs

William John (Jack)

Isabella 1852 - 1913 married (1874) George Lendrum - aged 23)

Annie Jane 1853 - 1944 married James Kidd

Thomas 1856 - 1928

Elizabeth (Lizzie) 1858 - 1947 married William Dickinson

Margaret  (Meggie) 1960 - 1942

Madeline (Maud) 1863 - 1958

Edward 1865 - 1937 married (1901) Eva Corkill 1876- 1942

Elias 1858 - 1947






Mary Anne

John and Eliza Jane Massey.

T. Chirmside.






 On Wednesday the 22nd October 1862 "The Romulus" took her berth at Queens Wharf.

Passengers  -

George and Robert Lendrum

 New Zealand Bound


Indian Empire

       Indian Empire 1858 - 1866  

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in 1858 was sold to the Galway Line of Ireland, renamed INDIAN EMPIRE and rebuilt to 2,516 tons.

The "Hansa" was purchased from North German Confederation Navy by T. Howard and renamed "Indian Empire"

In 1858 was chartered for two voyages, in 1866 she was destroyed by fire while being refitted at Deptford.


 United States (1847) Hansa (1849) Indian Empire (1855)

The ship "HANSA" was built by Wm H.Webb, New York in 1847 as the "UNITED STATES"for the American, Black Ball Line of transatlantic sailing packets. She was an1,857 gross ton steamship, length 244.6ft x beam 48ft, clipper stem, one funnel, three masts, wooden construction, paddle wheel propulsion and a speed of 10 knots. There was accommodation for 100-1st and 50-2nd class passengers.Launched on 20/8/1847, she sailed from New York on her maiden voyage to Liverpool on 8/4/1848 (One round voyage). On 10/6/1848 she commenced her first voyage from New York to Southampton and Havre. Her second voyage on this route started on 5/8/1848, and on 6/12/1848 she sailed on her last voyage from New York to Southampton, Havre (dep 9/1/1849), Southampton, Halifax and New York(arr 5/2/1849). In 1849 she was sold and converted to a warship. On 31/5/1849she sailed from New York for Liverpool where she was renamed "HANSA" and became a member of the German Confederation Navy. In 1853 she was bought by Fritze & Lehmkuhl of Bremen who refitted her as a merchant ship. She sailed on her first voyage for these owners from Bremen to New York on 30/8/1853 and on 17/10/1854commenced her last sailing on this route (4 Round voyages). On 24/3/1855 she left London for the Black Sea where she became a troop transport for the Crimean War, and on 18/9/1855 returned to the UK.

On 9/4/1857 she commenced a single round voyage from Bremen to New York and in 1858 was sold to the Galway Line of Ireland, renamed" INDIAN EMPIRE" and rebuilt to 2,516 tons. She made two transatlantic crossings for these owners (commencing 19/6/1858 and 28/9/1858)from Galway to New York.

On 24/7/1861 she was damaged by fire at Deptford,London and was laid up in Victoria Dock, London, where she sank on 4/5/1866.

North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.1,p.194


The Indian Empire


 Moored at Calcutta in the 1880s. (Astern is Albyn and alongside Vellore)