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Northern Wairoa - Rugby Representatives


Back row: W. Montgomery - W. Kelly - R. Rope - P. W. Hayward - R. Mitchell - E. A. Harding - E. Rope - J. Jackson - W. Speirs
Middle row: Bass Rope - R. H. Phelan - J. A. McLean - F. Barker - R. Harrison - D. Cotterill - J. Henderson - C. P. Lawson - T. A. Kidd - W. Cox - H. Childs
Front row: B. Could - George Lendrum - F. Molloy - I. Kitching - A. E. Harding - W. Woollams - A. Smith - E. Warmington -  Robert Andrew Lendrum - J. Walters - T. C. Webb

Has belonged to the Ponsonby Rugby Club since 1895.
P. 189 ASB. June 1968 -

mount albert grammar school

Played 8 matches, won 7, drawn 1 - Points for 130, against 18.

Back Row: Jack Lendrum - L, C, Webster - C. R. Storey - W, E, J, Coxhead - F. A. Finlayson - B. G. Dongson

Middle Row: Mr. C. P. Worley - R. I. Bernard - A. L. King - N. A. Bannatyne - R .L. Walton - J. S. Stagey - Mr. H. L. Towers

Front Row: R. Berry - J. N. Robb - T. Ker - W. G. M. Heerdegen - (Capt) J. M. Thorburn - E. G. Johnstone



Ponsonby Cricket Club 1932 - 1933

  ....George Alexander Lendrum (first row- far right) dressed in black

The club was established in 1895 and amalgamated with Cornwall Cricket Club in 1952

 I'm told George took a four ball hat trick, while playing a game in Otago,NZ. ( The ball is mounted on a stand - Douglas Lendrum, has it?)


St. John's Cricket Club 1940 - 1941


The Cricketclub 1
(Back row - left to right)       George Alexander Lendrum    -   O R kemp   -    I R Johnson   -   B W Turly    -   K T Reid   -   L D Rhynd

(Front row)  Colin Lendrum - Jack Lendrum (captain) - Noel Bassett Lendrum (coach) - D E McIndoe (vice captain)

P W McIndoe - (insert) W A Dickey


Auckland Domain Cricket Grounds - 1898 -


Noel Lendrum - Wicker-keeper




Noel Lendrum - left of Sheld

(By Telegraph.Press Association.) . AUCKLAND, 31st January 1939 - 40

The final Series of cricket matches in the first round was concluded on Saturday under good conditions.
Grafton, 227 for five wickets, declared (Kerr 71, Burke 51 not out), beat North Shore, 112 and 46 (Allcott's eight for 14, including a double hat trick). 
King's Old Boys,. 215 and 116 for five, beat Ponsonby 175- (Lendrum 44, Smith 42). Vincent took, six for 52.

Parnell, 160 and 87 (Mathewson five for 16), beat University 115 (McCoy Bis for 43) and 102 (McCoy four for 43). Eden, 240 and 73 for five, beat Y.M.- C.A., 143 (G. L. Weir four for 44).

Grafton now has a six-point lead in the championship.

In the Grafton-North Shore - C. F. W. Allcott's bowling figures were remarkable. In 13 overs,- in six of which no runs were scored, he took eight wickets for 14 runs. In three successive maiden overs he captured four wickets. Between the dismissal, of his first and seventh victims only three runs were scored off him. Allcott's figures for the match were 16 out of possible 20 wickets for 44 runs, as he had taken eight for 30 in the first innings on the previous Saturday. 
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Sir Chan's touring Cricket team

Auckland Star. 14 April 1941
INTERMEDIATE FINAL WON BY ST. JOHN'S. St. John's. First innings: 120 (J. Lendrum 24 .W. Dickey 21. D. Mclncioe 20. O. Kemp IV). Bowl| ing: Mitchell four wickes. Birch 2. G William 2. Mofott 1. Seccnd innings: 142 for six wickets  (B. Turley 32. J. Lendrum 30. W. Dickci- 26 no out. G. Lendrum 23. D. Mclndoc 13. Bowline: Lowry three wickets, King, Birch, darken om cach. Point C heTalier.First innings: 86 'Marks 4 (not out. Birch 29). Bowling: F. Mclndoc five wickets for 29 inns, G. Lendrum two flor 24, B Turley one for 19. St. John's won on the first innings, thus taking the championship.

Auckland Star. 16 September 1932
At the annual meeting of the Ponsonby Cricket Club last night the following officers were elected :President, Mr. G. J. Crown vice-presidents, same as last year, with the addition of Messrs. K. Sellers, Blakey, E.* A. Perkins, F. S. Taylor: delegates to Auckland Cricket Association, Messrs. N. C. Snedden, S. G. Smith, G. Lendrum; delegate to management committee, Mr. N. C. Snedden: selection committee, Messrs. L. T. J. Montelth. H. E. Waineford, G. A. Lendrum; junior deleirate Mr. H. B. Warneford: management committee, Messrs. N. C. Snedden, S. G. Smith, D. C. Cleverley, V. .Stuart. T. C. Clark, G. Piesse, H. E. Warneford. G. J. Brown It. Stuart, N. G. A. Lendrum; club captain, Mr. H. E. Warneford; hon. secretary, Mr. G. A; Lendrum; hon. treasurer, Mr. K. Stuart; hon. auditor, Mr. 'It to hold the opening practice on October 8. Twelve new members were cleci ed.

Auckland Star. 9 April 1931
The final match of the series of four games at Waihi between a visiting Ponsonby team and Waihi at Easter resulted in a win for the visitors by 29 runs. Waihi made 106 runs (A. Thompson 25, H. Zenovich J7, Worthington 12). Atkinson took three wickets for 17, Warneford three for 26, and Cleverlev two for 17. Ponsonby replied with 135 (G. Lendrum 42, H. Warneford 27, N. Lendrum 18, A. Rawle 16, L. Atkinson 11). Dullon got six wickets for 41, and M. Zenovich two for 9. Ponsonby 'thus won the "rubber."

Auckland Star. 30 January 1930
PONSONBY V. EDEN. v Ponsonby.First innings, 245 (H. YVarneford 45, A. Matheson 58, It. Binmore 30, R. Sellai's 14, 0. Ketnp 40, G. Lendrum 12, A. Kelly 26). Bowling: Hintz took three wickets for 8S runs, Gillespie three for 58, E. C. Beale none for 13, Black' none for 31, C'antley four for 45. Eden. First innings, 48. Bowling Kelly took six wickets for 22, Binmore four for 16. Second innings, 125" (R. Gillespie 33, Bleakley 14, Stokes 20, Blow IS). Bowling: Douglas took two wickets for 11, Kelly one for 18, Kemp two for 13, H. Warneford two for 21, Lendrum one -for 10.

Auckland Star. 22 June 1932
At Monday's meeting o the Auckland Rugby Referees' Association Messrs. P. G. Lintott and G. A. Lendrum passed thenoral examination, and- were admitted to full membership. Mr Peter Mackle (who refereeil the Taranaki and Auckland matches against the 1004 Britishers, and the airarapa "?amo with the 3 908 Anglo-Welshmen), in "ivin" an address on the qualifications of a referee stressed the importance of a lull knowledge of the rules, of being really physically-fit, and of keeping the best position at all times. He claimed that clear, deliuite decisions were essential to success on the field, although the. referee should beware of any tendency to become autocratic.

*   Robert Edward Lendrum

Wellington Rugby Union Representives 1963

Robert Noel Lendrum
R N Lendrum 1
NZ Rugby Football Union 1973


The 1973 "All Blacks" at Randall's Island NYC - The team led by (The great) Colin Meads.
NZ Juniors - Dunedin 1973. Robert is in the centre row, 9th from the left.