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Andrew Lendrum

living on a farm in Cullenane



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The earliest Lendrum:
( I can find as of this date) is   Andrew Lendrum - born 1648 and living
on a farm in Cullenane 

(Spelling could be Cullynane), Blessingbourn, near Fivemiletown, in parish Clogher - country Tyrone, Ireland. c 1714

To be verified.

 ___They moved to Ireland 1690 (with William of Orange ) to Corlea county, Tyrone.


 ___A son of the Earl of Buchen took the surname Lendrum.

_____________(Derived from the place where he lived in north eastern Aberdeenshire).


The New Zealand Lendrums (as our records show)  Andrew Lendrum




 Putting together information from other Lendrum family connections, gathering names, places, dates: reading books from libraries, government departments (Archway Records) family web-pages online and joining the New Zealand Society of Genealogists - has helped to reach this understanding.

Yet still unsure if the parents of Lendrums who came to New Zealand are connected to the following Lendrum families?



Family research  [info] tells us, a Mrs. Lendrum (Senior), mother to Andrew and maybe a brother John were living near Fivemiletown (No mention of husband) could be living with uncles and aunties - Fleming, Brown and Wilson. 

At sometime later, maybe Andrew married Mary and they moved to a farm in Mullaghmore - only up the road. (See map) - (Maybe where they grew Flax?)[FG] 

Andrew  [C] and Mary had children: son Andrew (Jr) (C1) stayed in Ireland -  Robert  [C2] and George (Cousin) [C4]  left for New Zealand in 1862 and started our lineage. 



The maps of Northern Ireland show it has six counties, (Derry) Londondery,Antrim, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Armagh and Down .                                            
Each county is divided intoTown-lands,Parishes (Suburbs).
County Tyrone Fivemiletown - Mullaghmore - Cullynane - Cleen

Correspondence from Heather Elliot
Hello Tom,
Nice to hear from you, I enjoyed your website, it is very interesting, there is certainly a lot of information regarding the Lendrums on it, more than I knew.  I was Lendrum before I married and I am originally from Fivemiletown, now living about 25 miles from it.  I am not sure if we are related, but may be as it is not that common a name,  I will see what information I can find out.  The James Lendrum that I am desended from lived on a farm which is about 2 miles from Fivemiletown, and my uncles still live there.  I know the area's that listed for the other Lendrum's they are about 1 to 2 miles from Fivemiletown, Cullane, Broomhill, Gortmore, Mullaghmore  are all adjoining, each other.  There is a nice large house at Broomhill which my dad thinks was built by Lendrum's not sure about this.  My mother has access to St John's Church in Fivemiletown and I will check with her regarding Andrew.  My dad also said that Andrew Lendrum founded an Orange lodge, which is called Lendrum's Temperance True Blues, he is actually in it. 
I want to get access to the church records at Clogher, which is 6 miles from Fivemiletown, it was the first church in the area, St John's was built in late 1700's so the link may be there.  When I get time I will try and do this. I will also forward our family tree.
Heather Elliott

attached information received: May 2013
Family tree (1) Family tree (2) - from Andrew Lendrum 1648 - of Mullaghmore :
Family tree - from James Lendrum 1783 - of Aughater
Family tree - John Lendrum 1610 - Aberdeenshire(Scottland)

*(C)  Andrew Lendrum
We know Andrew (Jr) was born in 1828 [info] assume his parents were married the year before - working on the assumption, Andrew (the father) was 30 when he married - his birth date would circa 1797.

 Andrew  Living in Mullaghmore, near Cullenane and Fivemiletown, in parish Clogher, county Tyrone. 

*(C1) Andrew (Jr) (Son of Andrew and Mary Lendrum) 1828 

*(C2) Robert (Son of Andrew and Mary Lendrum) 1836 - 1871 - died in NZ 

(C3) Martha (Daughter of Andrew and Mary Lendrum) 1841 - 

*(C4) George (Son of John Lendrum) 1843 - 1920 - died in NZ 


[FG) In Northern Ireland for over three hundred years linen manufacture has been an important industry, particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries. 
Practically every town and village had a mill or a factory.

 A document shows that in 1796 - a James and Andrew Lendrum of Clogher and Dromore parishes in county Tyrone, were Flax growers.


From a document of Landowners in county Tyrone, Ireland as of 1876 - shows: LENDRUMS


Andrew______________Rakeeranbeg, Dromore______86 acres____________68 pounds

Andrew______________as above___________________33_________________19


John_________________as above__________________32___________________20

James________________as above__________________1067_______________613