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The name LENDRUM


The name has various spellings - Landrum - Lentrum


First found in Aberdeenshire, Scotland


When did the first Lendrum find them-shelves in  Ireland?


1745: Jacobite Rebellion - Examination of Thomas Lendrum, gentleman of

Colliston (Aberdns - Aberdeenshire?) taken at Newcastle upon Tyne: 29 Nov.1745

The National

1814: John Lendrum - born Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. 
He served in Dublin Militia, Royal Irish Artillery - discharged aged 50 yrs.

The National


1824: Peter Lendrum (Scarth?) Excise man in Scotland.

The National



Andrew - (m)19th Nov.1868.Brides name (unknown) Dromore, Ireland

Parents:Andrew Lendrum & Mary Johnston

Brides fathers name: James Warnock Johnston


Marriage records 1519 - 1898

No# M70240- 6: Ireland Easy - 101535 page 305 no# 108




Andrew - (m) 24th Feb. 1846. Catherine

No further information


Marriage records 1519 - 1898

0655 Achill, Mayo, Ireland

No#M70174-1 Ireland-ODM - 101281




Andrew of Gortmore in the parish of Clogher / Barany

County Tyrone

No further information


Griffiths Valuation Record. 1848 - 1864




Andrew - (b) 15th Sept. 1875

County Tyrone

Parents: Andrew & Martha Lendrum


FHL Film No# 255936






Martha - (b) 1842 of Balling

(m) 1855 James Sheerin

(d) 1884 in Parish Clogher (aged 42)


Civil Reg. Deaths 1864 - 1958

FHL FilmNo# 101592




Andrew - (d) 1862 in West Derby, Lancashire

(m) 1846 Bride (unknown) in Westport


England & Wales Death Index 1837 - 1915

Ireland Marriages 1845 - 1958





Andrew___(m) Liverpool_____vol.7_____page111

James_____(m) Medwany?___vol 2_____ page1153

Mary_____(m)  Meath_______ vol 11_____page 549


England & Wales Death Index 1837 - 1915




Andrew - (b) abt. 1830 (d) 1902 aged 72 yrs

Parish Clogher

County Tyrone

Ireland Civil Registration. Deaths - Index 1864 - 1958





Andrew - (b) 1828 (d) 1910 aged 82 yrs

District Omagh

Andrew - (b) 1830 (d) 1902 aged 72 yrs

Parish Clogher


Ireland Civil Registration. Deaths - Index 1864 - 1958




James - 1825 of Aghenlark, Clogher

County Tyrone


Andrew - 1825 of Sess Moulray, Clogher (311 arces)

County Tyrone


Joseph - 1825 of Five-mile-town, Clogher

County Tyrone


Auckland Libraray - OS maps 63, 64













Elizabeth____Clonkeeran_____Mylerstown_____County Kildare


The following all from Clogher, County Tyrone



Andrew______Gortmore/ Mullaghmore


John_________Gortmore/ Mullaghmore




Robert_______Five-mile-town(Main St. in town)

GriffithsValuation 1876


The following are Landowners of County Tyrone


Andrew_____Rakeeranbeg ____Dromore________86 acres

Andrew_____same address____________________33 arces

James_______ Mageracross____Ballinamallard___2922arces        

John________sameaddress____________________32 acres                 


The following are Landowners of County Fermanagh



Jane_____Five-mile-town__________________28 acress



NZSG - NZ Society of Genealogy








James________________ 38yrs__________Farmer_______22acres

Elizabeth (wife)________36yrs__________Flax Spinner

William (son)__________17yrs

Edward (son)__________4 yrs

James (son)___________ <1yrs

Mary (daughter)_______ 13yrs

Anne (daughter)________7 yrs

Elizabeth (daughter)_____ 5 yrs


Elizabeth Maguire_______20 yrs________Servant (Maid)

Robert Linn____________14 yrs________Servant Boy


Anne Veech - (Mother-in-law) 77 yrs______FlaxSpinner


1821Census (EIREphile #5 June 1989 - page 13)

County Fermanagh, Barony of Maghnastephina

Parish ofAughalurcher

NZSG - NZSociety of Genealogy



Captain Archall, Magistrate of County Fermanagh was dismissed for having taken part in the demonstration at Enniskillen 12th May 1845

Magistrate: Mr. Lendrum also present was not dismissed because he was there by special direction of the Lord - Lieutenant to preserve public peace.

John Bull (London) 6th Sept. 1845



Mr Lendrum? Drowned, leaving wife and family

John Bull (London) 6th Sept. 1845


Andrew Lendrum? (Postman) was assaulted by Brian Currigan


The Achill Missionary Herald - Dublin Ireland 20th Nov. 1838



















Andrew of Cullenane (d) 26th Feb.1739 aged 91


This Andrew appears to have the first of the name in this district.

He held a lease for a farm in Cullenane and the Mill of Blessingbourn

(Also known as Five-mile-town) County Tyrone


Descendants from Andrew

James was a map-maker (early nineteenth century)


JohnC. of Broomhill was a road contractor 1880's County Tyrone


Robert of Cullenaine (d) 9th Dec. 1842 aged 56 yrs

Jane (wife of Robert) (d)23rd June 1875 aged 81 yrs


John of Cleen (d) 8th Sept. 1888 aged 69 yrs

Anne (wife of John) (d) 1st Sept. 1877 aged 51 yrs

Robert James (son of John) (d) 1st March 1885 aged 20 yrs

Joseph Herbert (son of John) (d) 15th Aug. 1882 aged 20 yrs


Two others sons  of John

William Herbert (Surgeon in the British Royal Navy)

William's wife, after his death re-married the Rev. John Winter of Augher

A bridge at Edergole has the name Lendrum - taken from this family





John(d) 13th Feb. 1736 aged 22 yrs


Margaret (wife of Francis Lendrum) of Timpany (d) Nov. 1840

aged 57 yrs



Records from the Clogher Cathedral Graveyards


NZSG - NZSociety of Genealogy

Mary (Mary Story) (b)7th July 1713 (d) 5th June 1781 aged 68 yrs

(Wife of late George Lendrum of Moorfield, County Tyrone)


William Story of Corick (d) 7th Jan. 1782 aged 62 yrs

Elizabeth Story of Corick (d) 20th Jan. 1838 aged 83 yrs



Records from the Clogher Cathedral Graveyards

County Tyrone

NZSG - NZSociety of Genealogy



Andrew Lendrum living at 43 Prince Edward lane, Everton, Liverpool

Aged39. Occupation: Seaman - born Ireland

Jane (wife of Andrew) same address


Andrew living at 12 Jutland Street, Preston Ireland

Aged 56. Occupation: Stone Mason - born Ireland

Jane (wife of Andrew) same address


Jane Stephens (daughter of Andrew) aged 26 - born Ireland

Occupation: Cotton rover

(Textile industry worker, transferring cotton yarn onto bobbins)


Thomas (son of Andrew) aged 19 - born Ireland

Occupation: Mechanic iron-worker


Andrew (son of Andrew) aged 15 - born Preston

Occupation: Cotton winder

(Textile industry worker, winding cotton thread)



1841 Census of Liverpool

ReferenceRC10 / 3811

ReferenceRG10 / 4212

NZSG - NZSociety of Genealogy



George_____Enniskillen________FH___pages____ 4,59, 77. 82




George_____Magheracross/ Jamestown_FH__pages_14,95,97,100-02        


Justice of Peace

Living in a two story-house near the east of the Ballinamallard river (house built 1740 with 320acres - Townlands belonging to George Lendrum Esq - let to tenants at 1 pound & 6 shillings

(Farming cattle & growing potatoes & turnips)


James______Dromre________TE____pages______ 5,102

(Church of England)


Rev. William_Antrim________AM___pages______27,29


[email protected]

NZSG - NZ Society of Genealogy

Journals named Clogher / Monaghan



John (son of James and Catherine) (d) 19th Oct. 1866 aged 94 yrs

Mary Jane (d) 29th March 1879 aged 19 yrs

James (d) 19th Feb. 1901aged 68 yrs

Catherine (d) 28th Dec.1924 aged 98 yrs

Mary Jane of Cleen, County Tyrone (d) 6th Jan. 1891

Sarah (d) 28th March1925

Mary Evelyn Matthens (d)28th March 1925

John W. H. (d) 2nd April1937 (Sydney Aust.)

Helena Sarah (d) 7thAug. 1944

John (d) 31st Oct. 1949

Henry Herbert (d) 1977



NZSG - NZSociety of Genealogy


John Lendrum Esq.Magistrate of Five-mile-town, County Tyrone

E & S Lendrum Drapers

John Lendrum Farmer of Cleen

Robert Lendrum Farmer of Cleen


Belfast & Ulster Town Directory for 1910



Decline in the population of Ireland due to Famine, Disease and



1861 Census



James Lendrum Deputy Lieutenant

B.A. (Cantab) Magheracross, Enniskillen


Fermanagh, County - Directory 1862

Thom's Irish Almanac




Magheracross: Parish inOmagh - County Tyrone / Fermanagh

North of Enniskillen on the road to Omagh

Good pasture & soil- good for agriculture and peat

Residence of George Lendrum Esq.

(George was a sponsor of a all female school) 1837


General research


 S.E.L.Lendrum - Lieutenant - Royal Artillery. Died aged 28 yrs at Cokarn, Candabar

Rev. Andrew Lendrum - Born 8th Dec. 1859

Andrew was Principal (wife - Lady Superintendent) of St. Margarets College, Crieff. School for young ladies.

Mary Leslie Lendrum (Sister of Andrew) married (4th July 1844) Nelson William Clarke Esq. at St. James Church in Muthill, Perthshire

London Chronical - 2nd April 1785





Griffiths Valuations         1860+

(If ancestors name appears in the Griffiths Valuation records - usually possible to find their location)


Registry of Deeds: 1708- 1929


1901 - 1911 Census


1821 - 1891 Census - only a few have survived


Muster Rolls - Book of Survey - Hearth Money Rolls 1600


Church - Civil reg. Birth, death, marriages

(Note introduced into Ireland until 1864)


Public office for Northern Ireland (PRONI)


Townland____________Parish_______________ County


Fivemiletown_________Clogher______________ Tyrone

Cleen________________ Aghalurcher__________ Fermanagh



Gortmore____________ Clogher______________Tyrone





   or Carnaclare

Rakeeranbeg________ Dromore_______________Down/ Tyrone


Fermanagh is a predominantly rural region with lakes - divided into four districts - Cookstown, Dungannon, Omagh & Strabure


General Information



Valuation of Tenements -Parish of Clogher


Townland: Gortmore


Occupliers__________________ Lessors


Anne Pickin_________________ Lendrum,Morrison

George Armstrong___________ In Fee

Lendrum, Morrision__________In Fee                 

Edward Mills________________Lendrum, Armstrong

William Trimble_____________Lendrum, Morrison

Andrew Hackett

James Trimble

Anne Pickin

James Little_________________ John Lendrum

John Lendrum_______________ In Fee

John Keenen_________________Andrew Lendrum

Andrew Lendrum____________In Fee

Free Holders 

Townland: Ranenly


Andrew Montgomery_________ MaryLendrum

Joseph Curran

William Kelly

Edward Holles

James Swords


List of Freeholders for Co. Fermanagh

George Lendrum 30th June1832 Fee 50 pound

James Lendrum 10th April1832 Fee 50 pound



GriffithsValuation 1847 - 1864

NZSG - NZSociety of Genealogy



 Edward Lendrum? - cook & steward on the steamship "Turnberry" fell over board and drowned

(Scotland) accident - He was frequently seen vomiting over the side of the ship

The Times 1914


New Zealand Army WW11 -Nominal Rolls 1939 - 1948


Brian Sydney


George Henry


Robert John Godfrey



New Zealand Army WW1 -Nominal Rolls 1914 - 1918


Thomas Bassett



New Zealand Army WW1 -Reserve Rolls 1916 - 1917


George (North Auckland)


Robert Andrew

William John



New Zealand Electoral Rolls 1853 - 1981


George (Newton Auckland)1890

Robert George (Ashburton, Canterbury) 1900

Kathleen Elsa Isabel (West Auckland) 1938

Ethel May (Patea,Taranaki) 1946

Constance Reneria (GreyLynn, Auckland) 1957

Florence Noel (Franklin,Auckland) 1957

Noel Bassett (Grey Lynn,Auckland) 1957


General Information- Researched

More refer to NZ Electoral Rolls via. NZLendrums


1910: Andrew Lendrum - Farmer, Rathkeeraubeg, Dromore, County Tyrone.
The National



Alice Mary Lendrum ? - member of the Women's Suffrage Movement 1893



Public Record Office for Northern Ireland

 Lease for three lives from 1 May 1795

49 acres of land at Culleymane, Co. Tyrone. Rent 48.15.0. stg per annum. (Reservations concerning mill dam to lessor). Hugh Montgomery, Castle Hume, Co. Fermanagh, to John Lendrum, James Lendrum Snr, and James Lendrum Jnr, all of Culleymane.

Lease for two lives from 1 May 1792 of land at Beagh, Co. Tyrone. Rent 9.2.6. per annum. Hugh Montgomery, Castle Hume, Co. Fermanagh, to James Lendrum, Beagh.

Lease for three lives from 1 May 1792

Lease for three lives from 1 May 1792 of 21 acres of land at Mullaghmore, Co. Tyrone. Rent 20.16.0. per annum. Hugh Montgomery, Castle Hume, Co. Fermanagh, to George Lendrum, Mullaghmore.

Lease for three lives of land at Beagh Co. 24 June 1751

at Beagh Co. Tyrone, with the right of lessor to dig turf. Rent 15. stg per annum. Margetson Armar, Castle Coole, Co. Fermanagh, to Andrew Lendrum, Francis Lendrum and Robert Lendrum, all of Beagh.

Lease for three lives or 25 years from Dates : 1 November 1829

tenement at Fivemiletown, Co. Tyrone. Rent 5.5.6. per annum. Hugh Montgomery of Blessingburne Cottage, to Joseph Lendrum, Fivemiletown, both Co. Tyrone.

James Lendrum, Jamestown, Co. Fermanagh Dates : 1 February 1798

James Lendrum, Jamestown, Co. Fermanagh, to Matthew Thompson, Derryallen, Co. Tyr. Lease of 15 acres 3 rods for 19 years from date (with covenant of renewal, if grand lease from Bishop of Clogher be renewed) Rent: 23.12s.6d. p.a. + dues. Upper Corkhill, Co. Tyr.

A map and survey of part of Corkhill, Parish of Killskerry, Co Tyrone, part of the estate of James Lendrum Esq, surveyed in 1808 by George Robinson and maps of estate of James Lendrum in Cos Fermanagh and Tyrone surveyed in 1788 by Nicholas Willoughby.

Moorfield, Co Tyrone, Lendrum Estate 1788 Description : Moorfield, Co Tyrone, Lendrum Estate

 The Rt. Hon. Archibald, Earl of Gosford Dates : 26 July 1844

The Rt. Hon. Archibald, Earl of Gosford to John Simpson, Ballyards, Co. Arm., and Anne Atkinson, Lisnadill, Co. Arm., for themselves and in trust for Lendrum Clarke, son of Revd. James Clarke, decd.
Renewal of Lease - Latmacollum, Co. Armagh.

Andrew Lendrum, County Tyrone, Record Number LJ 2186, Box 949. Dates : 1792-1900

George Cosby Lendrum, County Fermanagh & Tyrone, Record Number LJ 2528, Box 143L. Dates : 1723-1931

Public Record Office for Northern Ireland

Nomination of the Rev. Joseph Lendrum - 12 September 1767

Description : Nomination of the Rev. Joseph Lendrum to the Curacy of Derryvoylan, [sic] [Derryvullan].

James Lendrum, Magh post-marked Enniskillen, to Stewart, Clare Street.

'You had not the least occasion to give yourself the trouble of writing to me for me assistance on the approaching gene Dates : 2 January 1776 - James Lendrum, Magh, post-marked Enniskillen, to Stewart, Clare Street.

'You had not the least occasion to give yourself the trouble of writing to me for me assistance on the approaching general election, and I will even hope there is not the least danger of any opposition, and was there, you might rely on all the assistance in my power.

On the last election, I was well inclined to serve you or any of your family, but since the honour of your acquaintance and friendship, particularly in regard to the removal of my brother (though it did not succeed), and that without scarcely a solicitation, will never be forgot by ...'.

A letter from Blayney at Verdun to Caledon. Dates : 29 June 1813

I consider it my duty ... to improve that town [Castleblayney] and by introducing agriculture on a more improved scale it may have the effect of inspiring the people with what was much wanted (namely order and industry) ...

Lendrum is very bad and at his age not likely to improve. I hope however ... [that] the church is in good order and the sexton orderly in his person and clean, for I found serious fault in that respect. I will thank you to inform our worthy friend and relation, the Bishop, that I will thank him to avail himself of an accidental interview with the Bishop of Clogher ...' At Lord Templetown's request Blayney has supported Mr Gooch as successor to Lendrum.

'... Mr Lendrum appears an enemy to order, decency and good example. Therefore ... N.A. [should] submit to his Lordship the propriety of either transferring Mr Lendrum to a mountain or appoint a person capable as curate to support the character and perform the duties of the situation. It is a heart-breaking reflection, after the pains I have taken, and the expense incurred, that all should be destroyed by a beast of that nature.

Public Record Office for Northern Ireland


Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory 1800 +


Phillip of Lendrum & Company - 2 Richmond Terrace
Richard of Lendrum & Company - Camberwell rerrace
R.J.C of Lendrum & Company - Tobacco and Snuff Manufactures - 8 Waring Street
George Cosby High Sheriff - Jamestown, Ballinamallard(1883)
George Cosby Deputy Lieutenant - Magistrate - County Tyrone(1884)
A & E Drapers (1896)
James Lendrum - Painter
George of Cleen
John D.C. of Cleen
James D. L. of Corkill, Trillick (1852)
George of Jamestown, Trillick
James of Jamestown, Trillick
James D.L. of Magheracross, Enniskillen, County Fermanaghan (1863)
A & S Lendrum - Tobacconist - 45 Great Edward Street
Phillip Lendrum - Tobacconist - 3 Castle Lane
Richard Lendrum - Tobacconist - 2 Richmond Crest. (1870)
Annalore Lendrum of Green Island (7 1/2 miles from Belfast) (1877)
James - 24 Friendly Street (1887)
Under the heading: Nobility and Gentry. George Cosby Lendrum (1884) Deputy Lieutenant - Magheracross
Mrs Lendrum of Ballyshannan - Archdale Lodge, Bundoran(1892)
James Lendrum of Green Island, Monaghem Road (1896) Whitehall Street (1897)
George Cosby J.P & D. L of Corkill, Trillick (1897)
George D.L. - Proprietor of Church School (1899) Kilskeery (1 1/2 mile from Trillick) on the road to Enniskillen