Extracts from News-Papers of the time


The Daily Southern Cross

The following extract (1) dated 8th April 1893 - is about the union (marriage) between Edward (Ted) Sherson and Alice (Alley) Lendrum)

(daughter of Robert and Mary (Elliott) Lendrum))

Also mentioned is Maud Lendrum  (daughter of George and Isabella (Bassett) Lendrum)

 Hawera & Normanby Star, 27 December 1924

Mr Ted Sherson, of the 'A" Battery, and Miss Lendrum, of Auckland, are to enter into the bonds of matrimony on Good Friday. We hope the gallant sergeant will acquit himself upon this trying occasion with that nerve and coolness which has characterised him in the battery. Congratulations ! #

Taken from the local paper "Wanganui Notes" - 22nd. April 1939


Honeyfield - Lendrum

2017 06 25 Honeyfield Lendrum Wedding 1





The following extract (2) is about the union (marriage) between Richard Ward and Sarah Froude

Recorded here because a Mr. Willlie Blomfield (best man ) and a Miss Lendrum (bridsmard) attended the wedding.





Mr. Syd Lendrum acted as best man - from the news paper. Observer: dated 8/5/1909
George Lendrum


In the paper of the 27th September 1873 (3) a Mr. Lendrum was thrown from his horse.

George Lendrum (who came to New Zealand in 1862 - sometime after established stables a coach business in Queen Street

Could this be the same Lendrum?



Cruelty to a horse: (4) a story involving a Mr. George Lendrum.




The death of Edward Coleman: dated 28thMay 1870 (5)

The body found by a Mr. George Lendrum.




The Durham Street Row: dated January.1871 (5)

Mr. George Lendrum again was on the scene.




The death of Robert Lendrum - brother of George Lendrum and sons of Andrew and Mary Lendrum

Charlemont Hotel - 10 Charlemont Street East, Ranfurly, Auckland.
Dr. Charles Field Goldsbro' (Coroner)


Auckland Star: dated 19/8/1895





The final match between the Newton and Ponsonby second fifteens in connection with the First Junior Championship was played on Saturday at Epsom, and resulted in a win for Ponsonby by 18 points to nil. For the winners a try each was scored by Griffin, Graham, Merrith and Lendrum, and Masefield converted three of the tries into goals. Of the individual play, Lendrum is deserving of first mention, as he played a good sterling game and made many openings. Of the others, Kelly, Meemield, "Upton and Edwards among the backs, and Graham, Cooke, Merribo and Griffiths among too forwards all played good games, while Kelly, Wilson and the centre-half figured conspicuously of the Newton backs, and the brothers Farrell, Bach and Walker of the forwards. By this win, Ponsonby conclude their career this season with 10 wins and 1 draw out of 11 matches played.





Thames Star; dated 28th May 1900.

Ponsonby v Suburbs - Ponsonby won by eighteen points to nil. Three tries to Lendrum - Rylance converted all three.


Thames Star; dated 11th July 1904.

Auckland v Wairoa: Lendrum in reserves.


 Lendrum's Livery and Bait Stables - Auckland City 1800 +



Otago Daily Times - 8th Sept. 1873 
Is this the same John Lendrum who died 18th July 1902

Recored in the West Coast Times 18th July 1902


Observer - Date May 1909

An extremely pretty wedding was celebrated at All Souls' Church, Devonport, on 2Lst April, when Mr Albert Cullen, second son of Police- Inspector Cullen, of Auckland, was married to Misa Ani Neighbour,, of Devonport. The bride looked charming in a beautiful gown of white radium silk, with pretty rinked sleeves, and transparent yoke, and tastefully designed skirt. She wore the orthodox veil and orange blossoms, and carried a lovely shower bouquet. The bride was given away by her brother, Mr A. Neighbour, and her sister, Miss Inez Neighbour, acted as bridesmaid, gowned in creme ninon de soie, made in modified Empire style, with a creme silk Merry Widow hat She also carried a shower bouquet, the gift of the bridegroom. Mr Syd Lendrum acted as best man. The bridegroom's gifts to the bride and bridesmaids were sets of sable furs.





 Thomas Bassett Lendrum

Evening Post 12th November 1941
Mr. T. B. Lendrum, postal inquiry officer at Hamilton, has been appointed postmaster at Taihape.
Evening Post 22nd August 1945
Mr. Thomas Bassett Lendrum, deputy chief postmaster at Hamilton, has been appointed chief postmaster at Blenheim. A Press Association telegram from Gisborne reports that Wing Commander Colin Gray arrived home by air yesterday, his visit being his first since he joined the R.A.F. in 1938. He was greeted by local body representatives and a few friends, and he went straight home. He will be given a civic welcome today.

Mr. George Lendrum (?) a very old resident of Auckland, died a few days ago, at tho age of 77.

Sir CAHN'S touring Cricket team

The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 10 (January 2, 1939)
Sir Julien Cahn's Eleven
A red letter date in the history of New Zealand cricket will be the day on which Sir Julien Cahn's cricket team steps ashore in New Zealand. Sir Julien, a wealthy London business-man, makes cricket his hobby, and yearly assembles a team of cricketers worthy of international ranking and takes the team on tour.

MATCH AT ROTORUA (By Telegraph Press Association.) ROTORUA,

March 15. Sir Julien Cahn's touring cricket team had to fight doggedly today to avert loss on the first innings against Bay of Plenty in a one-day game played in ideal conditions.
     The Bay, which won the toss, played an attractive innings for 233, which, in contrast to' the display of the Englishmen, was scored fast. R.. Barlow gave! a brilliant exhibition of exhilarating cricket to score 51, and N. Bayley, who faced all the visiting bowlers with the utmost confidence, scored 76.
     These two batsmen were mainly responsible for the great recovery of the Bay team, which, at one stage, had lost five for 53. There were sensations in the early part of the Englishmen's innings, when Sir Julien Cahn was dismissed with the score at 1 and Dyson went with only 2 added.
     Jackson was out with the total at 18, and Smith dismissed Oldfield' with the score at 21, Smith having taken three wickets for 11 runs. "
      After these reverses the Englishmen became more cautious, Mudge playing a sound but patient game.
      The fifth wicket fell shortly after the tea adjournment, when Heane went legbefore to Barlow for 18, with the total at 55.
      With the game in a serious position, Dempster was sent in in an effort to stop the rot, but he did not get going, being trapped leg-before by Barlow j after he had -scored only 2.  
      For the remainder of the afternoon  the English batsmen' provided a very drab exhibition in the face of steady bowling, and it was not till the final! over, when Walsh opened out to Lendrum, and as a result lost his wicket.
      Stumps were drawn at 6 o'clock with the Englishmen's score 121 for eight wickets, the. game being drawn.
     Though they  were playing on a matting wicket, this did not fully account for the drab batting display of the visitors, who, in all but fielding, were seen at a disadvantage compared with the Bay side. Details:
E. Andrews, b Lush 0
L. R. Spring, run out 23 N.
W. Bayley, b Walsh 76
M. Le Pine, c Jackson, b Smith .. 3
D. Ewert, b Walsh 41
Lendrum, b Smith 0 
R. Barlow, c Phillipson, b Mudge 51
Bullock-Douglas, c Smith, b Walsh 35
Gillam Goodway, b Smith .... 4
Budd, b Walsh 4
Smith, b Walsh ... 6
R. Dansey, not out 5
Extras 22
Total 233 Bowling.

Sir CAHN'S touring Cricket team

West Coast TimesOct. 1888Magistrate's Court, Hokitika. NZ

Charles Blake. I am a miner residing at Tunnel Terrace, Stafford. I know James Lendrum and John Pozzi. They both live near, me. I recollect the evening of Wednesday, 17th.      I saw Lendrum that evening ; he was about 160 few steps from Pozzi's house, going towards Stafford ; be told me what had occnrred.       I did not look at the injuries ; there was dark matter about his face and arm. He gave me his key and I went to his house and made up the fire.       In less than a hour Lendrum came back to his house ; I then saw that he was bruised about the head and about the arm and that the dark matter was blood. I heard nothing of the quarrel. 
William Hooper Teague l am a miner living at Tunnel Terrace, Stafford. The complainant, James Lendrum is a mate of mine ; the accused, John Pozzi, I also know, he is a neighbor.       I recollect last Wednesday evening, 17th Lendrum came to my place about 8 o'clock ; he was bruised and bleeding ; he had cuts on the arm and on the head ; he told me how be got them ; I bandaged the arm and then sent for the police ; Lendrum remained at my place till Sergeant Hannan arrived ; we .then all went to Lendrum's house.       Pozzi was standing on the road talking to women; Sergeant Hannan spoke to Pozzi and asked him how it happened ; I don't know what Pozzi said in reply.       We then went towards Pozzi's house, Mr Hannan then charged Pozzi with striking Lendrum with an iron bar.       Pozzi denied it o 'saying he had no iron bar. Pozzi picked! up two stones at the gate which, he showed. to Sergeant Hannan saying " these  are the , stones that Lendrum threw at' me."       He showed us where the scuffle took place. He gave Sergeant Hannan some stones. I examined the place ; there was blood about.       Sergeant Hannan arrested Pozzi and brought him down. I came down with them. I saw no blood on Pozzi.       I have known Lendrum for six years ; as far as I know he is a quiet, inoffensive man. I know Pozzi. I don't know that he is quarrelsome. I don't know .that there has been a disagreement, but I know that they have been on unpleasant terms. 
     Daniel Hannan. l am Sergeant of Police stationed at Stafford.       On the evening of Wednesday 17th inst,, I was sent for and went to Teague's house ; and on arriving there saw James Lendrum the complainant.      He was then suffering from several wounds on the arm and head, and bleeding profusely. In consequence of his statement I went to Pozzi's place accompanied by Lendrum and Teague.       The accused was near his own house talking to some women on the road. He had. his shirt and trousers on but no coat. I noticed that there was a lot of blood spots on his shirt.       I told him that James Lendrum had accused him of assault hitting him with an iron bar.       He said he did not strike him with an iron bar, but Lendrum had commenced the row by hitting him with a stone;       I asked him where he was struck with the stone ; he said he hit him on the right shoulder. I then asked him for a candle, aid having obtained it searched along the road for an iron bar.       The accused handed me two stones, and said those were the ones that Lendrum hit him with, and that with one of them he hit Lendrum back.       I examined the stones by candle light ; there was blood on one but not on tie other. I said there was no blood on one, and Pozzi replied that that was the one Lendrum hit him with on the shoulder ;       I continued searching along the road and he said, ''it is not on the road, here is where we hod it out." He showed me the spot ; some places were covered with blood, as also were the stones and piece of paling produced ; a heap of palings was stacked near the place.       I Searched for the bar but could not find It ; I then went into the house with the owner and searched inside, but could not find it.       I then asked the prisoner to show me his shoulder ;he did so ; I examined it but could see no mark ; I then took him into custody, and in the lock-up at Stafford I again examined him, but could find no bruises.       He had a mark on the right eye resembling a scratch ; his right arm and hand was coveted with blood';

Stafford Notes: West Coast Times - 7 / 9 / 1905
James Lendrum (Miner) Resident of Goldborouigh Districk

Northern Advocate dated 15th March 1912.



The Southern Cross began as a weekly paper in Auckland on 22 April 1843. In 1862 it became the first daily newspaper in Auckland, changing its name to the Daily Southern Cross. The Southern Cross was merged with the New Zealand Herald, which is still published today, in 1876.

Ashburton Guardian, Volume XL, Issue 9269, 31 March 1920. - Who is this Robert George Lendrum: late of New Plymouth?


James Lendrum (died 7/9/1905)

West Coast Times: dated 7/9/1905


Mr James Lendrum, an old and respected resident of the Golds-borough district, and a recipient of tho Old Age Pension, burst a blood vessel of the brain on Saturday morning, and was removed to the Kumara Hospital where be died on Monday morning. The deceased was a native of the County Derry, Ireland, and was a colonist of many years standing. He carried on the occupation of mining at Stafford, having been a  ?  with Messrs Mitchell and Teaguo. About 14 years ago he severed his connection with the party, and subsequently went to Sawyer's Paradise, Golds-boruugh, where he worked on the Government  ? until about three years ago.


 Golds-borough was a mining township in the Hokitika / Stafford district, South Island, New Zealand.



 Index for Bicycle & Bootblack Register 1910-1918

ACC 321 / 1 Bicycle Register
Name    LENDRUM, Robert A
Address    23 Ponsonby Road
Date    20 Nov 1913
Number    7951
Description    Rambler

Burgess Rolls for the City of Auckland 1872/73, 1882-84 & 1890/91

ACC 396 / 1a Burgess Rolls for the City of Auckland

Voter's Name    LENDRUM, George
Trade or Occupation    Stable Keeper
Situation    Victoria Lane
Property Description    Stables
Date    1872-1873
Number    439
Voter's Entitlement    One

ACC 396 / 1d Burgess Rolls for the City of Auckland
Voter's Name    LENDRUM, Robert George, Mrs.
Situation    Macaulay Street
Property Description    Wood building
Date    1890-1891
Number    279
Ward    Karangahape Ward
No. of Properties on the Valuation Roll    778
Rate-able Value of each Property    16
Voter's Entitlement    One

 NZ University Graduates 1870-1961

LENDRUM     Ann Baly    Canterbury    M.A.    1946    Senior Scholar. 1st Class Honours 
LENDRUM    Brian Sydney    Auckland    M.A.    1947    3rd Class Honours
LENDRUM    Brian Sydney    Victoria    LL.B.    1956

Results: 1999 Queen's Head Fun Runs

816    Kathy Lendrum 

Female    2:03:11


 City of Wellington Marathon and Half Marathon, Evans Bay

Sunday, 24 January 1999

281      Kathy Lendrum        Half Marathon Run      1:54:06      320      WO      39


Sydney LENDRUM 16 Jul 1936 address corner Pompallier Tce and Bayard st, Auckland.


Commander in the St Johns

Sharon Noel Lendrum


Achill Missionary Herald - Dublin, Ireland. 1838

Newport on the West Coast of Ireland (near Fivemiletown) Andrew Lendrum (born 1797) would have been 4 1 years (could this be him? a Postman) Then in 1841
he was in Liverpool as a stone mason? (aged 44 years).

Achill Missionary Herald - Dublin, Ireland. 1844

Achill Missionary Herald - Dublin, Ireland. 1845