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Prepared by Heraldry studios, Auckland1969 - Verified by J. Lendrum and sighted by J. Bassett. 1967

The Lendrum Family Tree: Compiled by George Alexander Lendrum - 1978


Description: Gules Three Grabs or (Gold) on a chief of gold - 

The three bundles of plants in the Cummin coat of arms, usually blazoned as grabs or wheat sheaves, were originally bundles of Cummin.

Crest: On a Mount, Vert a dove - in the beak is an olive branch.

Motto: La paix (French).Translation - The Peace

Home: Magheracross





The following people have sighted or verified his work.

J.Bassett 1970

J.Lendrum 1976

Joy Homes 1976

George Lendrum 1976

Robert John Lendrum 1978

Robert John Godfrey Lendrum 1976