First compiled 1978.   Up-dated 2000s.  Currently up-dating 2017.


The "New Zealand Lendrums" as I have come to know them...

as for where my/our Lendrums originally came  from - research indicates from Ireland and Scotland.

Anyway ... all reports have the first NZ Lendrums as ...

Robert and George.


Disclosure.                                                                                                                                                                                                           NZ Families




From Ireland to New Zealand 

Andrew Lendrum of Ireland in 1648 


Including Robert and George, who migrated to in New Zealand in 1862. Possibly the first New Zealand Lendrums?



 The New Zealand Lendrum - Daughters.

 A list of our daughters and their families

Book two


Maud 1KathleenDawn Lendrum 1




The Relatives & Relations.

Our extended family members - those without the Lendrum name, but are related by marriage

Book three

Mary Chrissy




Our Canadian Lendrums

Book four 





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Thanks for the memories, the photographs and the stories


I have taken the original work compiled in 1978, by my father - George Alexander Lendrum   and other members of the family, as the bases to my version of the Lendrum family history.

As with history who can tell if all entries are correct and what has been recorded is true.

Those involved did spend a lot of time researching the family background - they started from Ireland in 1770, providing information about our earlier ancestors; where they lived, what they did, and their place in history - along with whom they married and the children they had.

Some of it's confusing (I'm sorry - I did ask George when he was here), but when you are young, living your own life - doing your own thing - who cares about the past and getting old.

With the help of some Lendrums from my generation, I have added new information and pictures (always looking for more).

This version is no way the whole story, or the last to be written (I hope) I 'm just bring it up to date (as of this date) to help the next generations of Lendrums to understand their past and where they fit in to the large Lendrum lineage.

I hope the information I have add, is mostly accurate and of some interest to others.

I take this opportunity to thank my family and those who have helped with information now, and will in the future.

Please note: I'm not responsible for all the poor grammar and bad spelling.

Please note: Links to external web pages are/were active at the time of inclusion.



Hoping not to infringe any copyright rules and regulations, almost all the information and photographs have been obtained with the consent of those who have provided them, and with the understanding they will be recorded within the New Zealand Lendrum webpage.

I have attached the correspondence and names (where possible) of the contributions by these people.

Things like maps, flags, photographs of cities, houses, people etc. taken from other sites, have been cut and pasted with the understanding, they are already in the public domain. I have added links to a lot of these sites.

Any information or photographs relating to a Lendrum that I have included and you feel, should not be. I will either remove.

Thomas Andrew Lendrum