George & Isabella Lendrum

birth  certificate - yet to be located - born in ireland


Married at St. John's Church, Otara, Auckland, NZ
Witness: S. Ward
............... Edward Bassett

death certificate

George died in Pompallier Terrace, Ponsonby, Auckland. Aged 58 years. Cause of death: Cerebral Hemorrhage


From the Auckland Star - dated 6/6/1877

Birth Notices:

A son was born to Mrs. G. Lendrum - on the 4th June 1877 at her residence, Wakefield-street, Auckland.

Given name: Robert Andrew

Auckland Star: dated 2/7/1878


A meeting of the creditors in the estate George Lendrum was held this morning in the Supreme Court Buildings, when the debtor's discharge was recommended. 

The particulars of his liabilities and assets have already been stated.


 From the Auckland Star - dated 6/10/1879

Birth Notices:

A son was born to Mrs. G. Lendrum - on the 3rd. October 1879 at her residence, Wakefield-street, Auckland.

Given name: George

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City records...

Auckland Star: dated 29/3/1884



About 11.30 a.m. today a collision between two vehicles occurred in Queen-street, resulting in the death of a horse and injury to the drivers. Kiers's Mount Eden omnibus was coming down the street, and Lendrum's dogcart was proceeding in the opposite direction at a good pace. 

When in front of the Bank of New Zealand, Lendrum's horse became unmanageable, and came into collision with the other conveyance with such force that the shaft of the lighter vohicle penetrated the side of one of the omnibus horses, and at the same time Mr Lendrum was thrown to the ground, and received a painful wound on the back of the head.

He was taken to Mr Hamilton's, chemist, where he was attended to by Dr. Hoopor, after which he was conveyed home. 

Meanwhile Mr Halstead, veterinary surgeon, had bound up the wounds of the injured horse. He advised that it should be shot, and the animal was accordingly led to the stable and put out of pain in the manner recommended. 

The animal, although driven by Mr Lendrum, was not his property, being owned by Mr Martin, of Parnell.