Gwenneth Laura Ann Lendrum 1982 -

married 11 / 11 / 2011

Jacob Luke Mitchell 1983 -



Gwen (3rd.daughter of Thomas and Philippa (Neville) Lendrum))

Thay purchased a house in Pukekohe NZ

They both have a succesful switchboard manufactucing company - Trust Switchboards Ltd.

 They have three children


Tyler John Andrew:  2007 -

Born in Auckland, New Zealand



 Madision Taylor:  2010 -

Born in Hamilton, New Zealand


................................................... 2017


 Gwen: Born in Helensville Hospital on the26th Feb. 1982.

 I attended Kaukapakapa Primary school and Kaipara Collage - went on to complete my National Nanny Certification 2000 at the Aston Warner Nanny Academy.

 Have worked in a number of early child hood centres - in Auckland.

 I graduated from the New Zealand Territory Collage in 2007 - with a diploma in early childhood education.

 Tyler John Andrew Mitchell was born to Jacab and in Auckland. 13th.June 2007.                                         

  We purchased our first house in Thames. 

  We are expecting our second child (a girl)this March

 My hobbies and interest are my family and friends- plus I like to read - shop - exercising and travelling.

 Gwenneth Lendrum


Indie Stella Ann: 2014 -



 Jake proposed to me this year and I accepted. 

 Jacob Luke Mitchell (Son to John and Gayelen Mitchell - born 1st. June1983 (Auckland) - (Scottish and Irish descent).

 (Written by Gwen) Jakes a brilliant - well educated and determined young man - he is a great father and he will succeed in everything he does.

 Jacob works in Drury, South Auckland as a Manager, for an Electrical Engineer company - looking at starting his own business.

 Hobbies & interests are Music, Performance cars & bikes.



Taken at their house in Thames NZ (Sold 2011)


Granddad Lendrum and Madision 2010............. Maddie's birthday 2017

My Boys

Hamilton Field Days ...                                                                                        2017