Emily Ann (1st. daughter of Thomas and Philippa (Neville) Lendrum)) one daughter Meighan Frances


I am a sister to Elizabeth, Gwen, Kent and Sheldon - half sister to Bevan. Aunty to Claire,Harrison, Sammy, Tyler and Madision - plus to all the other nephews and nieces.

 I live in Albany with11 year old daugher, Meighan Frances Ann 1998.                               

 I have worked at Glasscorp (we are a supplier to the glass industry) for  the last 15 years - working my way from a store person to the companies Purchasing Officer.

 I like reading, using my computer and cooking.  I like Drawing,painting and watching TV.

I have not been out of New Zealand and have no desire to travel - as yet.

 I am not ambitious,but have lots of things to achieve and accomplish. I will list these next time.                              


 My Name is  Meighan Lendrum - daughter to Emily. 

Born in Auckland, New Zealand


I am 11 years old and  live in Albany with my mum and my gold fish Spiral.

 I like drawing, cooking, dancing, playing on my computer, shopping, listening to music and playing tennis.

 My favourite colours are pink and purple,  I have a pink chair and a purple Ipod - which I go for Christmas. I also have a Lady Gaga poster on my wall.

 My favourite places to visit  are Thames, Tauranga and Kaukapakapa (where my family lives). I lived in Kaukapakapa with my mum at my nana and pop-pops place, until I was eight - there I went to Kaukapakapa Primary school and girl guides.

 I also like visiting new places,  visiting the Gannets at Murawai

My Favourite foods are chocolate, Lasagne, Ice cream, Strawberries and Marsh mallows.