Sheldon Vaughan Andrew Lendrum 1983 -

                         m (2010)

                            Jennifer Anne Garrick 1980 -



Sheldon (2nd. son to Thomas and Philippa (Neville) Lendrum)) 

They have purchased at house in Papamoa, Tauranga, NZ.

Sheldon and Jennifer were married at The "Edge Water Resort" in Rarotonga  

Sheldon now has a successful internet bussines - Inboxdesign Ltd.


Kaliyah Lillianne:  May  2011 -

Born in Tauranga, New Zealand. weighing in at 2980g (6lb 9oz).


Flynn Alexander Garrick:    2016 -



Sheldon V. A. Lendrum:  Youngest of the family - born 11th. Sept. 1983.Helensville - Auckland.   (as a premature baby he was wrapped in tin foil until he reached Auckland Hospital - stayed there for the first three months of my life)

Educated at Kaukapakapa Primary and Kaipara Collage(I followed in the foot steps of Kent, Emily and Gwen) what hard acts to follow. 

Played Hockey,Cricket and Rugby while in collage.

Worked in the Building industry until 2005before starting my web design and hosting company (called Inbox Design).I moved to Spokane USA in the end of 07 to work for a Media Agency called Zipline Interactive until returning mid 08, first to Kaukapakapa and then on to live and work in Tauranga with Kent and Donna for a while and here I meet the love of my life.

.Jen (Jenny) Lendrum: born 9th. Jan. 1980. Hamiton.

I was born in Waikato Hospital on 9th January 1980, about 7 and a half pounds. Moved from Hamilton to Mount Maunganui when I was 6, and lived at the Mount ever since.Attended Mount College and when I was 16 I was introduced to the first member of the Lendrum family- in the form of Kent- he was my Computer teacher for 2 years. 

I graduated from Waikato University with a Bachelor of Psychology in 2003, and now work for the Government.

  In September 2008 I was reintroduced to the Lendrum family- this time in the form of the love of my life- Sheldon. We met at a bar (surprise, surprise you say..) and fell in love,and have just married in February 2010.

 So, this is how I met the Lendrums, and am so glad I did :-)

 Hobbies and interests- music - animals - yoga -reading - family and friends.

 Jen Garrick and we married Feb. 2010 - We are now living happily ever after!



 Edward Neville (Sheldon's cousin) Sheldon & Jen - Pam (Jen's sister) Rarotonga 2010

 Sheldons Wedding Day


Line of succession