Connie Barry

Noel Bassett Lendrum 1907-19/6/1986

m (1936)

Constance (Connie) Reneria Barry 1911-1989


 Noel Bassett (2nd. son of Robert and Janet (Rule) Lendrum)

Noel worked for Pam American Airways (NZ & Fiji) In 1940 he worked as a shipping clerk. Sales manager till 1972, before retiring to the South Island, NZ.

Served overseas in WW2.

Sporting hero: St John's Cricket club.

Both at Rest:   Albany, North Shore, Auckland

Children- three


 Robert Edward 1937 - married (1961) Beverly Lister 

Children - five

Tania 1962



Katherine Elizabeth 1972

Ann Marre


Colin Alexander 1941 - married (1966) Sandra Joyce


Children - two





Janet   married (1969) Robert Verrall

Line of succession; compiled by George Alexander Lendrum 1978

 Robert Andrew Lendrum (Noel's father) and Connie (Barry) to his right - with ?

Civic Queen Street Auckland
Constance Lendrum (Nee Barry) danced in the "Civic" as a young girl  - in the late 1910's to 1920 

Retires as South Island sales manager for Pan American airways. Biog. information.
Port. p.225 NZSB September 1971-