Kent Alexander Lendrum 1973 -

m (2/2/2002)

Donna Marie Lowen 1977 -



 Kent  (1st. son to Thomas and Philippa Neville) Lendrum))

Kent was born at Middlemore Hospital, Auckland, NZ.

Lived in Mangere East until 6 years and then moved with his family to a life style block in Kaukapakapa, Rodney district, Auckland.

Kent moved to Tauranga - there he was a school teacher at the Mt College.... Now has a successful internet bussines - Kamar Ltd.

Kent and Donna were married at the Rose Gardens in Tauranga and live in Mount Maunganui.

They live in Mount Maunganui

They have two children...


Claire Marie:      2005 -


 Harrison Alexander: 2006 -







 Line of succession