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Edward Godfred Lendrum  Dec. 1883 - 1911

m (30/9/1907)

Mary Jane (Mamie) McNaughton 1887 - 1979

Edward (3rd. son of George and Isabella (Bassett) Lendrum)) 

Edward was born in Auckland, NZ. 

His name does not show in any electoral rolls of that time.

He moved to Victoria B.C. Canada from New Zealand (before 1907)

Edward and Mary married (1907) in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Edward was an employee of the British Columbia Railway Company.

Edward died at an early age (29 years) due to complications of the appendicitis. (After his death Mary married Thomas Godfred)

Auckland Star.  3 May 1911,
On 30fh April. 1911, at Victoria, 8.C., Canada, Edward Godfrey, the husband of Mamie Lendrum, and son of George and Isabel Lendrum, of Pompallier-terrace, Ponsonby, Auckland." 




They have two children:


Charles Edward Lendrum 1908 - 1952 married (1938) Maude Virginia Moss Worthington

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 Richard McNaughton Lendrum  1911 - 1976 married (1936) Anne Veronica Staples

 Richard Mcnaughton


Ed and Mamie Lendrum - Macaulay point (campsite) - Snap taken at Armstrong's camp

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Edward and Mamie with Mamie's mother Sarah Ward.
Sarah Ward was married three times and Mamie was from the second marriage.


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