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Stewart Crawford Putwain 1982 -

m (2009)

Victoria Helen Sime 1982 -




Victoria (Toria) (only daughter of Keith and Janet (Neville) Sime))

They lived in Hamilton and are part owners of the "Lido Picture Theatre" (Cinema)  in Hamilton, NZ

2017 living in Auckland.....

They have one child


Oscar Finn 2010 -




Stewart and Victoria Putwain.

Stew's and my names after our wedding are Stewart Crawford Sime Putwain and Victoria Helen Sime Putwain. 

Sime is a new middle name and so our surname is just Putwain.

Stew's date of birth is 11/08/82 and mine is 01/12/72. Wedding = 15/03/09.

Schooling- yes, we have some. Stew has a B.Com and B. A from The University of Auckland and I have a B.Com from University of Auckland, Grad.Dip in Teaching (Secondary) from Auckland College of Education and a Grad. Dip in Business (IT) from Auckland University of Technology.

 I was born in Epsom, Auckland and Stew was born in New Plymouth.

Baby is booked in to be delivered March 12th 2010 so unless he comes early that'll be his birthday.We think we will call him Oscar Finn Sime Putwain (again, just Putwain as a surname, Sime as a middle name) but I guess we'll need to confirm that later :)

Stew's interests - German language, cinema, brewing beer, reading, travel, poker, Jean the beagle, music (Green Day), family, cooking.

My interests - Cinema, scrap booking, jewellery making. Jean the beagle, eating,travel, reading, anything German, music (Tim and Neil Finn) friends, family. 


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