Bassett Families

Bassett  William Henry 1

William Henry Bassett 1817 - 4/2/1905

     married (1844)

Sarah Sandercock

William (son of John and Ann (Blithe) Bassett))..attachment

Born in Tetcott, Devon. 
Died in New Plymouth,NZ

William went to New Zealand on board the Amelia Thompson in 1841.
He was listed as a 27 year carpenter from Tetcott, Devon.
He married Sarah Sandercock on 15 Dec 1844. She also arrived on the
"Amelia Thompson" with her parents in 1841.
William served in the Taranaki Militia during the Wars of the 1860's
and was awarded the New Zealand Wars Medal.

They have children (?)


Mary 1846, died 19 Nov 1928.

Elizabeth - born 1847, died 27 Apr 1863.

(1) William George  - born 1 May 1849, died 5 Dec 1928, married Mary Elliot on 6 Jan 1874.
They had children (?)

(2) Richard  - born 1852, died 29 Apr 1943, married Martha  Lister  in  May  1882. 
He ran off with the family housemaid.

Sarah  - born 5 Oct 1853, married Mr. Clover in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

(3) John  - born 4 Jul 1855, died 1940, married Amy Williams.

Lydia  - born 1858, died 4 Dec 1862.



(1) William  George  Bassett  1849 - 1928

married (?)

Mary Elliot

William George (son  of  William  and  Sarah (Sandercock) Bassett))

Councillor William George Bassett was born in New Plymouth,Taranaki,
where, though too young for active service, he and his parents passed
through the exciting vicissitudes of the native war.
    In 1868, allured by the exciting reports from the Thames goldfields,he left his native
town for that district, where he remained some three years, part of the
time following his trade as a carpenter. 
    He  then returned to Taranaki and entered into business there with Mr.R.Rundle as 
contractors.Some years later, the firm of Rundle and Bassett securing
the contract for the Wanganui Railway Bridge.
     Councillor Bassett established his headquarters in that town.
     In 1880 he constructed some seven or eight miles of permanent railway in the district between Stratford and Eltham.
     At a later date he was again the successful tenderer for the construction of
the line between Hawera and Mokoia, a distance of seven or eight miles.
    The railway bridge at Pohangina was also undertaken by him. This is an
iron structure of 640 feet in length. Councillor Bassetts' private residence
is at St John's Hill, and, though still continuing his business as a
contractor, he has recently established himself in Wilson Street as a timber merchant. 
    He has served the public as a member of the local school committee, and of the Licensing committee.

(Information from the Cyclopedia of NZ 1897)

They have 5 children.


 Mary (daughter of  William  and  Sarah (Sandercock) Bassett))




(2) Richard George 1852 - 1943

married (1882)

Martha Lister

Richard George (son  of  William  and  Sarah (Sandercock) Bassett))

He may have been a gold mining engineer on the west coast of the South Island.
It is said he had 8 or 9 children and 20 grand-children. 

Bertha 1888 -

Pearl 1889 -

Daphne 1891 -

Alexia 1893 -

Violet 1895 -

Lillian 1897 -

    (?)   1899 -

Winnie 1902 -


(4) Sarah (daughter of  William  and  Sarah (Sandercock) Bassett)) married a Mr Clover




(3) John  1855 - 1940


Amy Williams

John (son  of  William  and  Sarah (Sandercock) Bassett))

Born in New Plymouth, NZ.

He  was  a bridge builder.
He lived in Parapara on the west coast of the South Island and was interested in Strata and was a strong Methodist.

They have children (?)

 Louis William 1882 - 

married (?)

 Elizabeth Mace  (Elizabeth died 1975)

Louis William (son of John and Amy (Williams) Bassett))

They have 8 children







Bryan 1884  -  1969 married (?) Constance Knowles
Born in Lord Rutherfords Cottage, Nelson, New Zealand.
Died in Auckland, New Zealand
They have one child

'Amelia Thompson'

 Three masted wooden sailing Barque

'Amelia Thompson' arrived New Plymouth, New Zealand 3rd September, 1841 with 187 Devonshire emigrants.



Bassett: Ashwater Devonshire, England


William George Bassett, son of William Bassett...